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Passionate. Data-driven. Loves process. Creative. Understands customers. Collaborative. No, this isn’t an open position on a job board. It’s you… the software developer. You probably started coding when you were 10 years old – probably earlier! That enthusiasm for creating the known in an unknown world makes you the ultimate explorer. And whether your path took you to engineering or IT or product management or systems integration, developing is intrinsic to who you are; making your team and company successful is your quest.

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Work Your Own Way

As organizations pursue their digital transformation strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT), developers are looking for “built-in” expertise on turn-key PaaS solutions, while others want the flexibility of highly customizable offerings that snap into their existing ecosystem. Altair delivers both with advanced IoT solutions within an open-architecture environment, all while leveraging technologies to design and optimize high-performance, efficient, and innovative connected products.

Our solutions were built for optimal flexibility from our compatibility with third-party hardware, communication technologies, and applications to our innovative licensing and global partner ecosystem. Along with our other core capabilities in simulation, data analytics, and HPC, we allow developers to do what you do best… develop, connect, and learn.

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Using Data for Business Decisions

You can broaden the user experience through web or mobile applications, and turn-on the control loop, as well as define rules and business logic for your apps or services and begin collecting data from devices.

From there, you can use the collected data to generate insights with self-service data automation and machine learning models, so you can visualize and learn from those insights. These insights further enable operational optimization and provide critical in-field data for future product development, so your connected product becomes smart.