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Students and Educators

We remember that excitement – figuring “it” out; having that a-ha moment when something you worked hours and hours on – the blood, sweat and tears – was a success. That moment you looked at your professor and high-fived each other, realizing that semester-long project was worth all the effort; that it worked. For Altair’s 1,000+ strong engineers, we are still students, learning every day and pushing boundaries to see what’s possible.

We help prepare STEM students for the future by enabling their exploration and innovation through the application of simulation, optimization and data analytics. We want your passion for engineering and science to grow, realize how to design and develop better and faster products with our technology.

We are also enabling universities and professors to complement and reinforce the theory and first principles they teach by using compelling, interactive and effective teaching aids rooted in the use of Altair technology.

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Altair University for Students

The Altair University Program for students is everything you need to know about software, learning, certification, student competition sponsoring, support and more.

Licenses for Students
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Altair University for Educators

The Altair University Program for universities, professors and teachers is everything you need to know about software, teaching material, curriculum partner program, support and more.

  • Teaching Guide: Download teaching packages and courses for students to self-learn
  • Teaching Licenses: Get the full version of Altair HyperWorks for teaching and your non-commercial research
  • Partner Alliance: Access even more software through our Altair Partner Alliance
  • free ebooks: For you and your students
  • feed lab: Explore projects that will ignite student curiosity
  • Get in Touch: Tell us what you need

Licenses for Educators